Healthy snacks delivered to your office

No nasties | portion controlled | zero waste

About Us

Who we are

A food delivery start-up based in Adelaide, on a mission to turn snacking into a guilt-free delight.  We promote good nutrition and fight obesity with portion control and wholesome foods.  We protect the environment by minimising packaging

Our service

We deliver the best foods to nibble on, free from nasty ingredients: no preservatives, no sulphites, little to no added sugar.  You get a dispensing kit and new offerings on a regular basis.  With portion control, no more risk of over indulging

How it started

As busy parents who love snacking, we often struggle to find healthy choices to nibble on.  Conscious about the impact of plastic on the environment, we set out to devise a guilt-free way of snacking healthfully, starting at work and once successful, in all school canteens

Our Partners